Modicon PLC Training

Practical and "hands on" Modicon PLC training courses with expert supervision. Call us on +44 (0)1543 22 55 00 to speak to a specialist or send us an email at to book your training course.

Modicon Quantum Basic PLC Training (5 Day Course)

Modicon 984 Basic PLC Training (5 Day Course)

After assessing your training requirements, we will tailor the course to your plant and equipment in order to maximise the effectiveness of the training sessions.

In our practical and "hands on" training sessions and whilst under supervision, each attendee will go online to live Modicon PLCs where they will perform a number of tasks, giving them the confidence and skills to perform the tasks required of them in the workplace.

Experienced Modicon PLC Engineers

Each of our specialist PLC engineers have over 25 years' experience in the field of automated control systems.

Our specialist team have designed, programmed, commissioned, modified and supported over 650 PLC based control systems in most industry areas, including and not limited to pharmaceutical, food and drink, distilleries, automotive, utility provision, plastics, chemicals, manufacturing, warehousing and iron and steel manufacturing.